Game #2: 100 Waves or Less

Game #2 is the product of a game jam I “participated” in. For those who don’t know what that means, a game jam is an event where participants have to make a game in a 72 hour window with a specific theme or restriction. I put participated in quotes because I didn’t actually make the game in the time window (my wife got super bad food poisoning that weekend so it didn’t exactly work out) but I did it the following week with the rules from the jam, which were:

No more than 100 lines of code (properly formatted)

Only use 6 sprites with up to 3 sub-images each

The idea was to practice scope to asset ratio and use each section of code effectively.

Here’s what I came up with, using exactly 100 lines of code:

Download Link

Game 2.1

Things run at you, you try to shoot them or avoid them. Good times.


Movement: WASD

Aim with Mouse

Left Click: Shoot

Right Click: Shoot Rocket

This was a really fun little experiment. While it didn’t take long to make it was great trying to squeeze every last line of code out of the game and make them all count. This was also a good project to get me going again after my slump. Here’s to more games soon! And I promise one of these days I’ll make a game with some actual art…maybe.

How far can you get? Post screenshots of what wave you reach in the comments.

Also can you guess which part took the most lines of code? It’s one of these three:

Enemy / Player / Wave Spawn code

Until next time! 23 to go!

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